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Educating and Training Law Abiding Citizens in the Safe and lawful use of Firearms.

Conceal & Carry Courses

dreamstime_xs_29635177Illinois Conceal & Carry Course – $99
NRA Certified/Per day/Plus range fees

Florida Conceal & Carry Course – $99
NRA Certified/Plus range fees

Two for One Money – Florida & Illinois Conceal & Carry Course – $99
NRA Certified/Per day/Plus range fees

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If you are visiting our web site you are considering the possibility that protecting yourself and your loved ones matter. We have designed this information to help you answer your questions

and decide if the decision to obtain a license to carry a concealed hand gun is right for you. You may never have picked up any kind of firearm, let alone fired one, or you may have used firearms all your life. That makes no difference in the training we offer. Attitude is important as skill or knowledge, the same as with most life situations.

Self defense training with a handgun is a totally different discipline and believe it or not, people who have never used firearms have advantages over experienced firearm users because unlearning bad habits and relearning correct habits are harder than starting from scratch and learning the right way. We teach skill and knowledge, you have to bring the right attitude.

Why Carry A Concealed Handgun?


Law abiding citizens carry concealed hand guns in all fifty states because they have learned bad things can happen to good people: anywhere and anytime. If the unthinkable happens, there is never a second chance to preserve the life and safety of yourself and your loved ones.

nraIf is comes down to it, self defense with a hand gun is a fight for survival. The stakes are literally life and death. No one wins a gun fight. The best you can do is to keep what you have: your life and your loved ones lives, and your families well being.

There Are Three Problems Associated With A Self Defense Shooting:


  1. Surviving the gun fight.
  2. Surviving the criminal justice system
  3. Surviving the civil justice system

Training Is Vital

Fortunately, well trained people in self defense using common sense almost never have to experience the act of self defense. That’s where training is all important. Training is the discipline that teaches you how to AVOID these lethal encounters. Although our training is a little longer and may be a little more expensive, you will gain a


wealth of knowledge that will save you money and grief. And if the unthinkable occurs, you have the self assurance that you have done all in your power to protect your loved ones and yourself in the process and aftermath of a self-defense encounter.

We hope you read on to the “ABOUT US SECTION” and find out why professional training is the most important aspect of self defense inside and outside the home. Remember, “The State of Illinois Training is the beginning, not the end of what you need to know in defending yourself’.